A Cat’s Guide To Boxes… Featuring Cole And Marmalade!


There’s just something about boxes of all shapes and sizes that draw cats to them like magnets, just like bees to honey! Take a look at Cole and Marmalade, they even came up with their own guide to boxes and their many uses!

Who would’ve have thought that boxes are great for your very own fortress, or as a bed–that’s a perfect fit too! How about Cole pretending to be a present, what did you think of that?!! Watch Marmalade pretend she’s on top of the world while she was on top of the box and looking out at the wide blue yonder! Hmmm…maybe she was pretending to be Captain Jack! And when she got tired of playing Captain Jack Sparrow, she used that box as a slide – now that’s imagination for you!!

This is such a fun video and in some ways very educational too because Cole and Marmalade actually encouraged us to be more imaginative, don’t you think so? Share this fun video and encourage others to open their minds and be more imaginative too!

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