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A Cat Helped Save A Man From Suicide In A Very Unusual Way


A lot of pet owners turn to their pets when they feel lonely and depressed. Our pets help us cope with anxiety and depression. And in their own little ways, the pets we rescue, save us in return.

However this cat, saved his owner from suicide in a very unusual and unorthodox way. The police used this kitty to save his owner from jumping from a window of a three-story building!

The owner of the cat was the suspect in stealing a white Toyota Highlander. He was driving the stolen vehicle when the cops pulled him over and did a computer check which revealed that the car was indeed stolen. The man ran away and a hot pursuit ensued. The chase led the barefoot, shirtless man to the top of a three-story-building. He then threatened to take his own life by jumping out the window.

Credit: Lea Suzuki / Source: The San Francisco Chronicle
Credit: Lea Suzuki / Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

The police negotiated with the man for three hours, but they were unsuccessful. The man was dangling on the edge, ready to jump.

Credit: Lea Suzuki / Source: The San Francisco Chronicle
Credit: Lea Suzuki / Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

The cops had to think of other ideas to coax the suicidal man off building ledge. And when a family member showed up with the man’s cat, they thought of a brilliant idea. The negotiators used the man’s kitty to coax the man to safety–and it worked!

Just like any cat lover, the man calmed down upon seeing his cat. After 45 minutes, the man decided to go back inside the building and surrendered to the authorities.

The police officer on the scene, Officer Albie Esparza, said he never used a cat in negotiations such as this. And as Officer Grace Gatpandan tweeted, he said, ‘Never underestimate the power of an owner’s love for their pet.

You can read more of this story at The San Francisco Chronicle and The Daily Mail.

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Written by Nicolette Mansueto
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