8 Reasons Why You’ll Always Be A Cat Person

If you identify yourself as a “cat person,” there are endless reasons that this clever creature fits seamlessly into your life and heart. Cats emulate who you are, and you’re sometimes amazed at how your favorite feline can compliment your personality and teach you simple but valuable lessons every single day. Here are eight reasons that you will always proudly declare yourself to be a “cat person.”

1. Like you, your cat is extremely independent.

When you come home to your kitty, his nonchalant attitude is one of the reasons you love him so much. After a long day of work/running errands/volunteering, all you want to do is come home and decompress. You love when he pokes his head out to acknowledge your presence, but since you’ve been taking care of business all day, you appreciate that your meower’s last priority is to annoy you the second you walk through the door.

independent cat

2. So when she’s affectionate, it makes you feel extra-special.

Your cat doesn’t show love to just anyone, so when she curls up in your lap (and only yours!) it makes you feel extra special. Dogs are known for their loyalty, but cats have a loyalty all their own…and sometimes, they won’t even come out of hiding for anyone but you! You take comfort in knowing that your little whiskered one is all yours.

kitten pat

3. Cats remind you to keep a youthful curiosity.

It’s no coincidence that “cats” and “curiosity” start with the same letter. This trait is built right into their nature, and watching your kitty explore the world around him reminds you to tackle new challenges, figure things out, and never, ever stop asking questions.

curious cat

4. And that sometimes, being lazy is a necessity.

She may be mischievous, but your meower doesn’t suffer from a shortage of lounge time. Learn from your pet: sometimes you need to bask in a lovely patch of sunlight or spend a cozy evening curled up by the fireplace. It’s the simple things in life that are the most enjoyable!

lazy cat

5. Your cat is low-maintenance, just like you.

No time for a walk? That’s okay. Can’t play fetch? No problem. Your cat doesn’t give two tail flicks when you’re too busy or tired to pay him much attention. Just fill his bowl and freshen his litter box and he’ll take care of himself for the rest of the day.

low maintanence

6. And she’s so self-sufficient, you’re not tied to the house.

You love that you can spend hours, even a day or two away from your feline, and she won’t mind. Knowing that your cat is roaming the house in pure, solitary bliss absolves you from pet abandonment guilt if you have full time job or plan on spending the weekend away (just make sure someone checks on her at least once a day).

self sufficient

7. Your kitty teaches you to go after what you want.

If your cat wants to jump onto the counter/plant holder/your twitching foot, you know he’ll get there, one way or another! While it may result in some scolding, you have to admire his tenacity–and creative problem solving skills!–because he always finds a way to get to where he wants to go.

Cat jumping

8. And to take risks because you’ll always, somehow, land on your feet.

When your purring pet plunges, she always lands on her paws. And in life, whenever you fall–or fail–it always works out, one way or another. When it comes to taking chances, live like you have nine lives, but be clever and resilient when challenges arise. “Cat person” is more than a personality description–it’s a way of life! And us feline fanatics wouldn’t have it any other way.

cat paws

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