5 Treat Hacks Your Cat Will Love You For

Some cats are picky eaters, but most still love their favorite treats. In fact, some cats love food so much they just can’t get enough treats! So if you find you’re running low on healthy snacks, especially since most natural and nutritious treats are quite pricey, you’ll be sure to love these hacks as much as your cats do!

#1 – Freeze Broth For Popsicles

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Since many cats won’t eat just plain ice cubes, filling an ice tray with delicious broth is an excellent way to provide a cool snack for your kitty. Use low-sodium chicken or beef broth or even canned tuna juice, freeze and serve!

#2 – Make Your Own Jerky Treats

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There have been countless terrible and unfortunate deaths of pets of all species from the ingestion of jerky treats from China. With so many seemingly natural companies owned by big corporations, it’s difficult to trust what treats are safe and what ones aren’t. The safest bet is actually to make your own! It’s recommended to use a dehydrator, but if you don’t have one an oven will do just fine. Simply place fresh, human-grade meat into your freezer for about 1 hour. Then, after you preheat your oven to the lowest setting, slice the meat into thin strips and bake for 4-8 hours. The time will depend on your oven and we recommend flipping them halfway.

#3 – Catnip Tea

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Since catnip is an herb, you can steep it in hot water to make a tea. If you’ve got a kitty that’s crazy for catnip, this tea is a great way to keep them warm on a winter night or even just to enjoy something new. Simply steep fresh catnip, let cool and serve. In fact, catnip tea is a great stress reliever for humans, so feel free to try some too!

#4 – Boiled Liver

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Most owners don’t totally love the idea of dealing with liver, but raw beef, chicken or pork liver can be boiled into soft, delicious pieces that your cat is almost guaranteed to love. Just boil until cooked all the way through, cool and slice into little cubes. These treats are a hit for cats and dogs alike.

#5 – Frozen Eggs

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Frozen eggs are a delicious summer time snack your cat will definitely enjoy. Simply take two or three raw eggs and put them in the blender, shell included, whip them up and fill an ice cube tray. After frozen you can take them out and serve! It’s like a kitty soft-serve…even though it sounds gross to us. Don’t be worried about the raw eggs, either. They are an excellent source of protein and important vitamins.

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