5 Fun Beds Your Cat Will Love!


Cats spend most of their time sleeping. While your cat probably doesn’t care what her bed looks like as long as it’s soft and cozy, her generous sleeping habits give you an opportunity to add something unique and interesting to your home. If you don’t think something as simple as a cat bed could possibly be a conversation piece, you’ll have to take a look at these!

This crescent moon bed can sit on the floor or be wall mounted to add cat-friendly vertical space to your home. As a bonus, it’s made from re-claimed materials! BUY HERE


The CAT-a-combe will give your cat a cozy, cave-like bed to hide out in for uninterrupted naps. It’s made out of birch plywood and can either sit on the floor or be hung from the ceiling in your home. According to the maker’s Etsy page, “your cat is definitely going to give up her plans of killing you if you buy her this hammock.” BUY HERE


These felted cat beds look like they’re yawning… which is perfect because that’s how your cat will look juuuuust before she dozes off inside of it. The winding tail even serves as a toy once your cat is awake and feeling frisky. The color of this bed can be customized to blend seamlessly into your home’s decor. BUY HERE


This elevated bed will give your cat an easily-accessible perch. The rattan is non-toxic and durable enough to not break if clawed. BUY HERE


This blue shark is the purrfect bed for your sweetie to snuggle into. It’s also easy to take apart for easy cleaning. BUY HERE

Written by Andee Bingham

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