10 Soggy, Post-Bath Cats

Cats usually do pretty good jobs bathing themselves, but every once in a while they need our help. It’s not an easy task and often ends in scratches, hissing, and emotional trauma. It’s a shame, really, since wet cats are so dang cute. See for yourself with these 10 pictures of wet cats who won’t scratch or bite you.


Image Source: Stuart Heath via Flickr.com


Image Source: Yeti-legs via Flickr.com


Image Source: Belal Khan via Flickr.com


Image Source: yoppy via Flickr.com


Image Source: WATERBOYsh via Flickr.com


Image Source: Shannon Badiee via Flickr.com


Image Source: bryanbug via Flickr.com


Image Source: littlemoresunshine via Flickr.com


Image Source: keri. via Flickr.com


Image Source: me and the sysop via Flickr.com

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