15 Common Plants That Are Safe For Cats To Be Around

Our cats have minds of their own! Felines love to explore and roam, so it’s important to make sure that any plants they can access are non-toxic, even if they choose to give them a nibble.

Whether you’re a gardner or enjoy having fresh flowers in your house, make sure that any vegetation that your feline may come in contact with – whether in your yard or in a vase on your table – is non-toxic to them.

Here are 16 common plants that are safe for cats, based on information provided by the ASPCA. The list below is by no means exhaustive, and you can view the ASPCA’s complete list for dogs, cats, and horses by clicking here.

We all love enjoying the beautiful growth that comes with the change in seasons, and with a little precaution, everyone can stay safe!

1. Spider Plant 

This plant is as hearty as it is decorative. Best of all, it’s safe for your kitty to be around.

Image Source: Forest and Kim Starr via Flickr


2. Roses

Luckily, this classic, romantic flower is fine for your feline to investigate.

3. Rosemary

You can feel good about having this fragrant herb in your home.

4. Sage

This cleansing plant can be used around humans and kitties alike.

5. Lemon Balm

This sweet-smelling herb can be enjoyed by you and your cat.

6. Petunias 

You can have these gorgeous blossoms around your home with no worries!

7. Gerber Daisies

These gorgeous flowers add a pop of color that’s safe for your purring pets to be around.

8. Orchids (several varieties)

Orchid varieties that have made the ASPCA non-toxic list for cats include tiger orchids, phalaenopsis orchids, and lace orchids.

9. Baby’s Breath

These delicate buds are safe to keep in all your flower bouquets.


10. Common Snapdragons

You can add these to your garden, even if your kitty likes to wander about.

11. Bamboo

Feel free to use this in your home decor, even if you live with a cat or two (or more)!

12. Basil

More good news for your herb garden! Fresh basil is delicious, plus it’s non-toxic to felines.

13. African Violets

These beautiful flowers may be a bit finicky, but they will not harm your kitty.

14. Marigold (Garden and Potted) 

Whether in your house or your garden, your cat can meander around these golden flowers.

15. Sunflowers

These bright, bold blooms are a-ok for our four-legged friends to be around!


Want to know what plants to avoid? Check out this list of plants that are toxic to cats

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