10 Signs You’re A Crazy Cat Lover–And Proud Of It!


Crazy Cat Lady… I know you have all heard the term, and some of you have even been called it. Has someone in your family bought you the “Crazy Cat Lady” action figure, or maybe they’ve sent you the “Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit” meme with all the cats sitting on shelves. I for one, am proud to be a “Crazy Cat Lady”! I may only have one cat at home, but if I could have more, I would!

Sometimes us “Crazy Cat Ladies” happen to find a “Crazy Cat Guy” that is equally as crazy, and in my case, more crazy about cats than we are. It doesn’t quite roll of the tongue quite as nice, but for all intents and purposes, “Crazy Cat Guy” will work. If you happen to have one of these wonderful men in your life, consider yourself lucky and make sure you show him this cute video.

Do any of these 10 signs ring true in your house? I know they do in mine. Share this with all the cat loving men in your life.


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