10 Cats That Totally Love Eating

Some cats are picky eaters while others…well, they aren’t. Some cats will eat anything, anywhere, anytime. Just say the word and poof! your cat appears. Here are some hilarious photos of cats that really, really just love to eat.

#1 – This cat that waits at the automatic feeder like it’s a buffet.

Photo credit: Reddit/jonvox

#2 – This cat that just can’t wait for these snacks.

Photo credit: Reddit/joshyw0shy

#3 – This cat that might die if he doesn’t eat soon.

Screen Shot 2015 04 28 at 34252 PM

#4 – This cat that will definitely take your leftover corn.

Photo credit: Reddit/carlaacat

#5 – This cat that has no shame and steals food from helpless babies.

Photo credit: Reddit/NurseLisa87

#6 – This cat that just can’t handle his diet anymore.

Screen Shot 2015 04 28 at 34220 PM

#7 – This cat that likes a big breakfast.

Photo credit: Reddit/voodoochild1997

#8 – This cat that will take your sandwich the second you blink.

Photo credit: Reddit/Moorwen

#9 – This cat who loves pizza snacks as much as we do (who can blame him!?)

Photo credit: Reddit/abernathie

#10 – This cat who is the ultimate toast ninja.

Screen Shot 2015 04 28 at 34344 PM


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